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The Little Things collection PART ONE

Posted by Diana Mourão on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, In : One Piece-NonRomantic 
Hey, these are very short fics so I'll post them together. They're posted under NonRomantic but the pairings are in front of the title. Just my usual pairings.

 Sun NamiXRobin

It was a warm day. The Straw Hats were at a small island. The Log Pose would take a day or so to set. The boys were playing soccer on the beach. Robin was trying to read a book. She was sitting against an old tree, a big oak. The shade was refreshing and soothing. Once in a while, she would get distracted by the game and ...

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How the Straw Hats Ended Up Naked

Posted by E.Alpha on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, In : One Piece-NonRomantic 

It was a jolly good day on the Thousand Sunny. Sun shined, seagulls flied above in the light blue sky, powdered by specks of tiny clouds, as the glorious golden gleams of sunlight bathed the ship. All seemed well.

That is, until our favorite, redheaded, short tempered, greedy navigator realized it was all too perfect.

"Robin," she muttered, a tint of nervousness in her voice "don't you think the boys are a bit too silent?"

After a period of awkward silence, worse than it was before, Nami ...

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Hot Blooded

Posted by E.Alpha on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, In : One Piece-NonRomantic 

The bright red light shined through the window. Sanji mumbled incoherently and rolled, getting the covers all entangled on him. As the loud rap music began to play he got up and opened the before mentioned window.

"Turn that shit down,you fucker! And turn off the fucking light!"

The green haired guy that lived in front of him also opened his window, scowling.

"Shut up! I can do whatever I want!"

"Fuck you!"
"No, fuck you!"

"I have to go to work early in the morning, you bastard!"
"Well, s...

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Valentines Day- T
Nami wants Robin to be her valentine...But it's hard to make the archaeologist understand it.

Angel- E

Nami gets injured in a battle and Sanji regrets not telling her his feelings.


Sanji has a little secret notepad and Nami gets curious


Boredom leads to many things just as Nami and Sanji find out.


Nami needs a little help sleeping and asks Sanji

Importance Varies-T

The importance we give to things vary from person to person. Sanji tells a sad story to Nami...

Ichirin no Hana-T

A single flower for the beautiful navigator, from her cook. A special flower

I Need You-T+

Sanji's sick...And Nami's taking care of him!

How Couldn't I Tell You-T+

Nami regrets not telling Vivi her feelings before leaving.

My Princess and My Friend-E

Sanji comforts Nami as she misses Vivi

I Hate You...Or Not-T+

In a moment of fury, Nami tells Sanji she hates him. Quite the opposite actually.

Nami X Everyone-M

Sanji's dating Nami but he's left a bit confused as she confesses she's been around. A lot.

Hot Blooded-M

Neighbours aren't always friendly as Sanji and Zoro prove. However, their constant bickering annoys the other neighbour too.


Nami gets drunk and Sanji takes care of her.


Nami and Sanji are stuck in a boat in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a Sea King.


Hormones are up and bouncing in highschool. And confessing to your best friend you love her can be quite hard as Nami finds out. Vivi can't be mad, right?


Robin finds a psychology book and decides to apply her new knowledge on the poor navigator.

How the Straw Hats Ended Up Naked-T+

A crazy story of (not really) epic proportions.


Robin has a very nice chocolate bar and she won't share, no matter how much Nami begs.

The Little Things collection-E

Collection of very short stories






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