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Valentines Day

Posted by E.Alpha on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, In : One Piece-RoNa 

Nami grinned as she skipped over to where Robin was sitting. She had been observing the older woman for a while. The archeologist was reading. Once in a while she would sip her coffee or look around.


Robin looked up from the book and smiled.

“Do you know what day it is?”

“No. Sorry.”

She turned back to the book. Nami sighed in annoyance.

“It's February 14.”

Robin looked at her, surprised.

“If you already knew then why did you ask?”

Nami rubbed her temple...

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Posted by E.Alpha on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, In : One Piece-RoNa 

"Hey, is that chocolate?"

"Mhm, very expensive and high quality chocolate."

Nami smirked slightly.

"Ooh, gimme a piece."

Robin put down her book and slowly started unwrapping the bar.

"I don't think so."

"What, why the hell not?"

Robin quirked an eyebrow and glanced at the redhead.

"You never offer me anything."

"Sure I do. I offered you a book the other day."

"I don't recall that."

"Well, it's true."

"And where is that book?"


"Right. There."

"In the shelves, o...

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Posted by E.Alpha on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, In : One Piece-RoNa 

Nami was taking a nap on a deck chair as the Thousand Sunny sailed peacefully. The weather was great, and the route was clear. Nothing to worry about. Well, at least that's what our dear navigator thought.


"Who do you like on the ship?"
The girl sat up suddenly, taking off her glasses and glared at the archaeologist.

"That's none of your business!"
"Oh, so you do like someone."cooed Robin, smiling warmly.


"But if you really didn't like anybody, you would've just said s...

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Valentines Day- T
Nami wants Robin to be her valentine...But it's hard to make the archaeologist understand it.

Angel- E

Nami gets injured in a battle and Sanji regrets not telling her his feelings.


Sanji has a little secret notepad and Nami gets curious


Boredom leads to many things just as Nami and Sanji find out.


Nami needs a little help sleeping and asks Sanji

Importance Varies-T

The importance we give to things vary from person to person. Sanji tells a sad story to Nami...

Ichirin no Hana-T

A single flower for the beautiful navigator, from her cook. A special flower

I Need You-T+

Sanji's sick...And Nami's taking care of him!

How Couldn't I Tell You-T+

Nami regrets not telling Vivi her feelings before leaving.

My Princess and My Friend-E

Sanji comforts Nami as she misses Vivi

I Hate You...Or Not-T+

In a moment of fury, Nami tells Sanji she hates him. Quite the opposite actually.

Nami X Everyone-M

Sanji's dating Nami but he's left a bit confused as she confesses she's been around. A lot.

Hot Blooded-M

Neighbours aren't always friendly as Sanji and Zoro prove. However, their constant bickering annoys the other neighbour too.


Nami gets drunk and Sanji takes care of her.


Nami and Sanji are stuck in a boat in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a Sea King.


Hormones are up and bouncing in highschool. And confessing to your best friend you love her can be quite hard as Nami finds out. Vivi can't be mad, right?


Robin finds a psychology book and decides to apply her new knowledge on the poor navigator.

How the Straw Hats Ended Up Naked-T+

A crazy story of (not really) epic proportions.


Robin has a very nice chocolate bar and she won't share, no matter how much Nami begs.

The Little Things collection-E

Collection of very short stories






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