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Posted by E.Alpha on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 

Nami leaned against the boat and glared at the cook across from her.

"What are you mad at me for?"

"This is all your fault."
"What,no it's not"
"What's up with the attitude?"
"I'm not just your love sick puppy,I can actually calm myself in a crisis."
"Hmm...Maybe it's split personality."
Sanji rolled his eyes.

"Yeah,exactly,it's split personality."
"You're acting very out of character."
"You can't expect me to behave like a moron every second of day."
"Yeah,but usually around me...Now that I thin...

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Posted by E.Alpha on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 

Nami sighed as she swung the empty bottle in her hand. Maybe it was the booze that was altering her perception, but it sure was a lovely night. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind of thoughts. Not any particular type of thoughts. Just thinking in general. She yawned loudly as she made her way to the galley. A snack would be nice. She grinned madly as she walked inside, shutting the door behind.

"HI~I! Anyone the~ere?" she sang cheerfully. Of course, there was nobody there, it was w...

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Posted by E.Alpha on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 

The blond smiled as his girlfriend led him to the girls quarters. They entered the quiet room.

"Are you sure this is okay?"
"Oh, don't worry, Robin's on watch until 5 AM."

She threw herself on the bed, smiling mischievously at the cook. He smiled slightly.

"Are you sure about this?"
"Yeah, no problems."
He walked towards the bed, smiling more widely.

"Unless you think that me sleeping with Zoro is a problem."
He froze.

"Wait, what?"
Nami sat up.

"Don't worry. It was a long time ag...

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I Hate You...Or not

Posted by Erase on Friday, November 26, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 

"Sanji! SANJI! Where the hell is that cook?"

The redhead walked around impatiently. Zoro looked at her through semi-closed eyes.

"Shitty-cook stood you up?" he said, as he shifted into a more comfortable position.

"Go back to sleep, marimo."
"Oh, so now you're copying your boyfriend? Cute."
Before even realizing Zoro had said one word she would never expect him to say, she realized she had become so used to Sanji's insult she was using it unconsciously.

"He is not my boyfriend!"


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I Need You

Posted by Erase on Friday, November 26, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 
Chopper sighed as they arrived at the island. The cook was sick but he needed to go searching for medical herbs. It was a wild island and they once they penetrated the jungle, it wasn't a very good idea to turn back empty-handed. And so, he needed to ask someone to stay on the ship and take care of Sanji. It needed to be someone smart, trustworthy...


Although the navigator scared him sometimes, she was the best candidate. Luffy was an idiot, Usopp was incompetent, Zoro would probably ...

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Ichirin no Hana

Posted by Diana Mourão on Friday, November 26, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 
As a rather calm person, Sanji wasn't the type to do stupid things. Most of the time. But he was also a idiot in love, which brings us the following story. You see, our pirate heroes docked in a small, inhabited yet famous island.

"In the peak of the mountain in this island" the orange haired young girl explained to her curious companions "grows a very beautiful flower. Yet, the mountain is very hard to climb so few people have seen it."

She sighed.

"Aw, I wish I could see it."

"Oh, oh, let's-"


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Importance Varies

Posted by Erase on Friday, November 26, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 
Nami sighed quietly as she walked on the silent deck. She groaned as she made her way to the galley.

"Damn insomnia, must sleep, need warm milk." the redhead mumbled. As she came close to the door, she stopped. Was that...

"Somebody weeping?"

She gently tapped the knob, unsure of whether to go in or to simply go to bed without her glass of warm, tasty, nutritious milk. And the person weeping inside? It was most certainly one of her dear friends. And to be crying in the galley in the middle of th...

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Angel (Songfic with Original Song)

Posted by Erase on Thursday, November 25, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 
It was...It was more than a fight. It was a war. Between the Straw hats and the Marines. Nine pirates versus five-hundred trained agents. But,of course,the pirates were victorious. At a cost. Out of the nine members of the pirate gang,eight left relatively okay. Only one was at the verge of death. Surprisingly,it wasn't the weakest member. The sharpshoot stayed far from the conflict,aiming and firing. And no,it wasn't the strong either. It was someone who most of the time went by unnoticed. N...

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Posted by Erase on Thursday, November 25, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 
Nami turned around. Again. And again. She sighed and sat up. She couldn't sleep.
Robin wasn't there. The archaeologist was on watch duty tonight. Nami was all alone.

She sighed and got up.

"Maybe a nice, warm glass of milk will help."

The redhead slowly opened the door and got out. The air was cool and brisk.

She smiled a little and looked around.

The deck was empty. The boys were all asleep. Or maybe not. The galley's light was on.

"Is Sanji cooking at this time in the night?" mused the navigator.


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Posted by Erase on Wednesday, November 24, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 

It was a boring day. Very boring. No marines. No bad weather. Not even waves.

That's why I did that.

Well, don't think it was just an impulse! I had thought of it before. Many times even.

Boredom can be a very strong motivator.

I got out of the library, shielding my eyes from the sun, and made my way to the kitchen.

I opened the door and peeked.

No one except him.


I walked in silently. He didn't realize I was there. Hehehe,he was so concentrated in his cooking.

He looked so cute.

That's when t...

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Posted by Erase on Tuesday, November 23, 2010, In : One Piece-SaNa 

As the sun settled in the faraway horizon, the Thousand Sunny and it's crew rested.

They were reaching a island and there weren't any ships nearby.

The yellow sky was free of clouds and a small breeze passed by.

The waves gently rocked the galleon.

As the redhead opened the door that gave access to the kitchen, she was preparing to listen to the never-ending proclamations of love the persistent blond cook was sure to make.

She went in and looked around. Sanji was in front of the stove, stirring so...

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Valentines Day- T
Nami wants Robin to be her valentine...But it's hard to make the archaeologist understand it.

Angel- E

Nami gets injured in a battle and Sanji regrets not telling her his feelings.


Sanji has a little secret notepad and Nami gets curious


Boredom leads to many things just as Nami and Sanji find out.


Nami needs a little help sleeping and asks Sanji

Importance Varies-T

The importance we give to things vary from person to person. Sanji tells a sad story to Nami...

Ichirin no Hana-T

A single flower for the beautiful navigator, from her cook. A special flower

I Need You-T+

Sanji's sick...And Nami's taking care of him!

How Couldn't I Tell You-T+

Nami regrets not telling Vivi her feelings before leaving.

My Princess and My Friend-E

Sanji comforts Nami as she misses Vivi

I Hate You...Or Not-T+

In a moment of fury, Nami tells Sanji she hates him. Quite the opposite actually.

Nami X Everyone-M

Sanji's dating Nami but he's left a bit confused as she confesses she's been around. A lot.

Hot Blooded-M

Neighbours aren't always friendly as Sanji and Zoro prove. However, their constant bickering annoys the other neighbour too.


Nami gets drunk and Sanji takes care of her.


Nami and Sanji are stuck in a boat in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a Sea King.


Hormones are up and bouncing in highschool. And confessing to your best friend you love her can be quite hard as Nami finds out. Vivi can't be mad, right?


Robin finds a psychology book and decides to apply her new knowledge on the poor navigator.

How the Straw Hats Ended Up Naked-T+

A crazy story of (not really) epic proportions.


Robin has a very nice chocolate bar and she won't share, no matter how much Nami begs.

The Little Things collection-E

Collection of very short stories






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