Nami sighed as she swung the empty bottle in her hand. Maybe it was the booze that was altering her perception, but it sure was a lovely night. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind of thoughts. Not any particular type of thoughts. Just thinking in general. She yawned loudly as she made her way to the galley. A snack would be nice. She grinned madly as she walked inside, shutting the door behind.

"HI~I! Anyone the~ere?" she sang cheerfully. Of course, there was nobody there, it was way past midnight. She scratched her head, yawning again. Honestly, she didn't intend to get this drunk. But Luffy started a party, and she drank one...two...ten...five...a gazillion...Ugh, how many bottles of beer did she drink? Humming quietly, she approached the cupboards and opened one, looking inside.

"Nami-san? Do you need something?"

She turned her head around, in intoxicated confusion.


"Sorry, I heard noise and thought it was Luffy."
"Ooh." she muttered, getting up. She grabbed the counter, to avoid falling. She grinned again.

"Hey, Sanji, why don't you keep me company?"
"Uh, well- Wait, are you drunk?"
"Just a bit. But I'm okay, I'm okay!"


He grabbed her wrist slightly and led her to the table.

"Here, sit down."
She did and looked up at him.

"Your eyes are pretty."
"Uh-hm, let me get you a nice, cold glass of water."
He walked over to the sink and grabbed a flower print glass. While he was filling it with water, Nami snickered loudly.

"Why don't you wear jeans more often. You look good in them. I mean, you have a nice ass."
Sanji froze for a second, before looking back in disbelief, blushing deeply. He walked over to her and handed her the glass, looking away. The redhead laughed loudly as she grabbed it.

"You're cute when you blush like that."
He muttered something, still looking away.
"Nothing...Are you okay?"
"Yes, mom." she said, still laughing.

"This isn't funny."
"For me it is."
"You're drunk."
"C'mon, lighten up."

"Tell me one good thing about this situation?"
"Well, you're taking care of a hot woman who already loves you."

Her smile started to fade. She stared at the dumbstruck cook.

"Did I say that out loud?"
He nodded slightly. Suddenly, the night didn't seems so nice anymore. She sobered up almost immediately and ran to the girls quarters and slid into her bed, fast and stealthy so Robin wouldn't wake up.

She buried her head on the pillow. Her evening plans did not include a confession, but she couldn't go back now.

"Well, maybe it's easier this way." she thought, as she turned around and stared at the ceiling "Like ripping off a bandage..."

Nami sighed loudly. Tomorrow wouldn't be very pleasant.