As the sun settled in the faraway horizon, the Thousand Sunny and it's crew rested.

They were reaching a island and there weren't any ships nearby.

The yellow sky was free of clouds and a small breeze passed by.

The waves gently rocked the galleon.

As the redhead opened the door that gave access to the kitchen, she was preparing to listen to the never-ending proclamations of love the persistent blond cook was sure to make.

She went in and looked around. Sanji was in front of the stove, stirring something in a tall pot.

Hearing her steps, he slightly turned his head.

"Ah. Nami-swan. Is there something you need?"

He was unusually quiet.

"Uh, could you make me a drink?"

The blond smiled slightly.

"Of course. Anything for you."

She sat at the table and observed as the cook moved around the kitchen. After a while,she lost interest and started staring at the wooden surface.


Nami looked back at him. He appeared nervous.

"I was wondering...Do you...Would you...May I...Would you like to go out with me? When we reach the next island."

She sighed.



He turned around. The navigator saw him take a little notepad and a pencil out of his coat pocket.

"What's that?"

The blond froze.


She got up and peeked over his shoulder. He quickly closed it.

"Sanji, I want to see that!"

"Sorry, I can't."



"Because why?"

He turned around to face her.

"You won't give up, won't you?"


"Well, too bad. Sorry Nami-san, I can't let you see this."



She snatched it from his hands.


The navigator opened the notepad and raised an eyebrow.

Attempt 46:Rejected

Attempt 47:Rejected

Attempt 48:Rejected

Attempt 49:Re

"You write down every time I reject you?"

"Yeah. Pretty much."


"Because I like to remind myself of every time you broke my heart."

Her expression darkened. He sighed and dropped his head.

"Can you please give that back?"

The cook watched the redhead turn around and write something down on the notepad. She turned back to face him and put the notepad on his hands. She was smiling.


Nami quickly left the kitchen.

The blond looked down at the object in his hands and slowly opened it.

Attempt 46:Rejected

Attempt 47:Rejected

Attempt 48:Rejected

Attempt 49:Re

Sure. Why not?

Everyone on the ship heard the victorious scream.