Nightmare Returns ch1-

 “How's the job hunt?”


“Everyone just gawks at us and goes “Oh, I saw you in the news! Aren't you the one who keeps saying it was magic or something?”. It's like we're cursed.”

Vivi tilted her head slightly.

“The house?”

“We can't pay the rent.”

“Oh Nami...”

“We're fucked.”

 Haven ch1-

“Hello sheriff. Going anywhere?”

“That doesn't concern you, Nami. I need a map of the White Forest, north.”

“”Until Smith village or Laroque city?”

“Right away.”

Nami searched around the maps.

“I'm sorry, we don't have either version.”

Lightning frowned.

“Then give me the original. I will bring it back intact.”

“That's not a good idea.” stammered out Nami.

“Just give it to me.” snarled Lightning, hitting the counter.

“Oh, look, I found a copy...”
“Thank you.”

“Thank you...Sheriff.” said Nami, an air of bitterness around the last word.

Lightning took the map and left. Nami smacked her head on the wall.


Brook shrugged.

“It's fine, we have plenty of time without her getting lost.”
Luffy cracked his knuckles.

“The plan is ON.”