Ahoy, Wolfies. I got big news.

Grandline U 1 is set to be posted this following week. Grandline U 2 already has a script, and I'm currently writing a script for 3.

Nightmare Returns has entered pre-production, meaning I'm sketching out the main details of the story and creating a plan. This means I won't be pulling chapters out of my ass, therefore insuring I will update in a timely manner...Hopefully. The release date is Feb 20 though I make no promises.

In other news, Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been announced, creating a wonderful opportunity for an announcement of my own.

Well, if you know the site you already know what I'm talking about. A new fanfiction series.

Another Life is an AU for all Final Fantasy games, not just XIII, but as it is my favorite, it is where we will start. AL is basicly Slice-of-life using FF characters. 
Book 1 will be called A Day At Nautilus Park, further information will be released along the way, there is no planned release date.