Oh yes, I'm on fire


Like any good horror piece, Nightmare is having a sequel. The second part of the Nightmare saga is called "The Nightmare Returns" and will feature the last two survivors along with a bunch of new cast members

Synopsis: The idol Nami picked up in Egean town has started to glow at times. A television channel wants to do a report on the Egean town story and they convince Nami and Sanji to return. Somehow the idol ends up in Nami's bag. It's very clear nothing has changed...Nothing at all...


When will TNR launch?
In February possibly. There's no set date, but I'd like to have a chapter buffer so I don't miss updates.

How will this affect Grandline U?
It won't. Grandline U is set to launch soon, and I already have the first chapter nearly done.

What's the schedule this time? Is there one?
Yes, there's a schedule. Each chapter will be posted every 14-16 days. So if I post the first chapter on Feb 20, 2nd will be on Mar 1,2 or 3, third on Mar 15, 16, 17, 18 or 19 and so on. The days are relative to the last chapter.

Who are the new cast members?
I won't tell...Yet.

For those who are interested in GrU and preproduction, I posted sneak peeks on my blog