She made everything perfect for her orange haired navigator. She spread a clean table cloth over a small circular table. She lit candles and snuck into the cook's special wine storage. The raven haired archeologist slowly poured the crimson liquid into two glasses and stared at her reflection.

"It's okay, Robin. You can do it. Just bring her out here for a couple glasses of wine and some cake Cook-san made. And then you can tell her how you feel." Robin whispered and took a deep breath; trying quell the fluttering in her stomach.

"It's now or never." She whispered and walked to the room that she and the navigator shared. She opened the door slowly, and stepped inside. Nami was staring at one of her maps that she was working on and would occasionally jot down some notes and then return to the map. It wasn't long before the navigator felt someone watching her.

"Oh hi, Robin." Nami said, upon seeing who it was.

"Hello, Navigator-san. What are you doing?" Robin asked.

"I'm working on one of my maps. What about you?" Nami replied, leaning back in her chair and stretching.

"I was going to enjoy a glass of Cook-san's wine and a piece of cake, and I was wondering if you would like to accompany me. I would certainly enjoy the presence of another crew member." Robin said,

'Exactly as I rehearsed. Good.' She said in her thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Robin. Not right now. I really want to try and finish this region of my map before going to bed. Maybe some other time." Nami said with a smile.

Robin's heart fell, but she didn't show it and put on her smile,

"Certainly, Navigator-san." She said and walked smoothly away.

She was back on deck and could feel her silent tears dripping slowly down onto her face. She quickly wiped them away with what was to be Nami's napkin and grabbed the two glasses of wine, quickly downing them both.

"I don't think I have the strength for another time." Robin said to the dripping candles, blowing them out, and finished cleaning up.

"I really don't think I do." She said and sat down on deck, her back against the railing, and stared at the starry night sky. The raven-haired woman closed her eyes and tried to remind herself that Nami didn't reject her, only the moment she tried to create, but still nothing would make that fear go away. The fear that when Robin told Nami that she loved her, all Nami would say is 'I'm sorry'.


 Nami leaned back in her chair and stretched, sighing as she felt her back crack.

"I need a break." She whispered to herself. She felt her stomach growl and chuckled a little.

"Maybe I will join Robin for that cake." Nami said with a smile. She cleaned up her maps and mapping materials before heading to the deck. She opened the door and paused as she saw Robin sitting on the deck, hugging her knees and quivering, the woman's face buried in her knees. Nami creeped a little closer and was able to hear sobs coming from the archeologist.

'Robin…is crying? Why?' She asked herself. She examined the deck and saw that the small deck table was out and had a simple, yet elegant tablecloth on it. Upon the table were three candles in what looked to be an expensive candelabra and two expertly cut pieces of cake. Nami looked at the crying woman and saw that two empty wine glasses were lying next to her.

"R-robin?" Nami squeeked, slightly afraid. Robin's body abruptly froze. Nami couldn't even see the woman breathing. The older woman quickly stood up, her back facing Nami. She straightened herself and wiped her tears from her eyes with the napkin that she had been holding. It took a few seconds but Robin regained her composure and appeared as if she had never been crying at all.

"Yes, Navigator-san? Did you need something?" Robin asked, her signature smile gracing her features, turning around to face the navigator.

"You…were…were you just crying?" Nami asked, still in disbelief.

"So? I am only human. Humans cry when saddened. I, however, unlike most humans, am fine after a few seconds of crying. I was just finishing when you called my name." Robin said, her voice calm. Nami stared at the archeologist with an incredulous look on her face.

"You say that you can finish crying after a few seconds?"

"That is what I said."

"You're lying."


"I'm calling your bluff, Robin."

"I am not bluffing, Navigator-san."

"Yes you are! I was out here for longer than a few seconds and stood there while you cried!" Nami practically shouted. Robin's mask quivered for a moment, showing fear, but she quickly gained control again.

"Why were you crying? Why are you sad?" Nami asked.

"I was sad about…imagining what life would be like once we've all achieved our dreams." Robin lied. Nami narrowed her eyes, even Chopper would have been able to figure out that Robin wasn't telling the truth.

"Robin. Tell me the truth…or…or…" Nami started, trying to figure out a viable threat.

"Or what, Navigator-san?" Robin asked, her voice cold, different from what it had been before. Nami swallowed hard, remembering that this woman was a assassin and had killed many people before joining their crew.

"Or…I'll never talk to you again!" Nami said. She inwardly kicked herself for thinking of such of a childish threat, but what else was she going to do? Threaten to beat the woman up? As if she could beat the woman who could sprout arms from anywhere she pleased and could easily dispatch the small navigator.

Robin's eyes narrowed at this remark, unfortuneately when it came to Nami, she often went through with her threats, albeit as childish as this one, she was definitely going to stick with it. Robin sighed, before looking out at the ocean, hoping that it's calming waves could give her the answer. She placed her two hands onto the railing and squeezed, trying to relief some stress.

"You wouldn't understand." Robin finally said. Nami came up beside the woman and placed one of her hands on Robin's, holding it.

"Try me." Nami whispered, a sad smile appearing on her face. Robin could feel her heart start to beat faster and louder at the contact between their two hands. Robin's wall was melting. She felt tears appearing in her eyes again and looked away from the orange-haired woman.

"Robin, I want to help." She whispered, using her free hand to turn Robin's face so their eyes met again.

"I don't like seeing you like this." Nami added, concern showing on her face. Robin swallowed hard and could feel herself shaking. There was no way that she could escape the situation, she found herself thinking.

"Navigator…Nami?" She asked, her voice quivering. Nami's eyes widened in surprise, but she stayed silent, wanting Robin to continue uninterputted.

"I wanted to say…I set this all up…just so I…I want to say, I mean, I love you." Robin finally said, her eyes quickly shutting for the rejection to come. Waiting for Nami to say "I'm sorry, but I can't be with you."

Nami's breathed in a deep breath and sighed it out. She could feel Robin quivering under her touch.

"Robin…I'm sorry." Nami whispered. She felt Robin tense up and could see the woman biting her lip, waiting for Nami to tell her that she couldn't be with her.

"I'm sorry I didn't have that wine and cake with you." Nami said. Robin's eyes opened, a confused look coming onto her face. That was not what Robin was expecting the navigator to say.

"What…are you trying to say?" Robin asked.

"I mean, I feel so bad and stupid for not having cake and wine with you. It's such a sweet gesture and I'm sorry for declining. I must say, though, for future reference, I don't take hints too easily. If you're not frank with me, I don't get it. You have to say 'Nami, I want to tell you something important over cake and wine.' If you don't then I might blow you off like I did tonight." She replied. Robin's face gained an even more confused look, now seriously lost on what Nami was trying to say.

"I'm sorry, Nav…Nami. I don't know what you're trying to say." The older woman said.

"I'm saying in our future together, you have to be frank with me. I thought I was quite clear."

"I…I still don't understand."

"For crying out loud! Robin, I'm trying to say I love you too!" Nami said exasperation. Robin's jaw dropped, but she quickly regained her composure.

"R-really?" Robin asked. Nami nodded, making a true smile come to Robin's face.

"Let me show you." Nami said, and brought her lips to Robin's, relishing the feel and taste of the archeologist. Robin did the same, relishing the feel and taste of the navigator. The two pulled apart, a slight blush appearing on both of their faces.

"Let me show you how much I love you." Robin said, grabbing Nami's hand and guided her to their room.

The next morning, everyone gathered at breakfast.

"Hey, Nami. Was going on last night? I heard some loud noises coming from the girl's cabin. It kept me up." Chopper asked. Everyone in the galley froze and looked at the two women, who were calmly eating their food.

"It was nothing, Doctor-san. Nami wasn't feeling to good and I was taking care of her. We didn't mean to keep you up." Robin replied, smiling as the crew gained even more confused looks on their faces because she called Nami, Nami. Robin let out a small chuckle and glanced at Nami who was blushing crazily.

"Is something the matter, Nami? You look all red." Robin asked.

"I dislike you with a great intensity right now." Nami growled.

"I'm sorry." Robin replied, a smile on her face.