"Is it edible?" The straw-hat captain quickly asked upon being presented the strange green plant.

"No, you idiot!" Nami quickly exclaimed. "It's poisonous!" She added.

"What's it for then?" Luffy asked, confused as to the purpose of the inedible plant.

"It is tradition, Captain-san, to take the mistletoe and hang it over a door way or some other entrance and if two people are underneath it together then they kiss." Robin said, looking up from her book.

"It's just as Robin said, a stupid Christmas tradition." Nami added.

"Then I'll just hang it up right away, Robin-chwan and Nami-swan!" Sanji said and quickly went to fixing the mistletoe over the doorway of the ship's entrance.

"It's so pretty." Chopper whispered, and got distracted by Usopp's story of how he did something amazing somewhere.

Zoro…he was sleeping.

Robin let a small smile creep to her face as Nami went on a rant about how stupid the boys were. Then without warning she stomped to the entrance of the ship. Robin lifted an eyebrow in confusion.

She closed her book and walked over the entrance of the ship and was about to open it when Nami came exiting with a pair of scissors in hand.

"Navigator-san?" Robin asked.

"I'm cutting down the stupid mistletoe. What are you doing?" Nami replied.

"I was going to see where you went. You stomped off so angrily, I wanted to make sure you were alright." Robin replied. Nami nodded and brushed past Robin.

"Navigator-san." Robin said again. Nami turned and next thing she knew, an extra pair of arms pushed Nami into the arms of Robin and a pair of lips were upon her own. Nami's whole body melted into Robin's arms and she soon dropped the scissors.

'Maybe this tradition isn't so stupid.' Nami thought.

Robin stepped away and gave Nami a small smile.

"Merry Christmas, Navigator-san." She said and walked to the room she and Nami shared.

"Merry Christmas, Robin." Nami whispered, touching her tingling lips.