Arc Info 

Saga 1- Course of Love

Arc 1- Romance and Crime

  • Volume 1 - ???

Arc 1.A- A Girl's Romance

  • Chapter 1 (Volume 1) - ???

Arc 1.B- A Man's Romance

  • Chapter 2 (Volume 1) - ???

Arc 1.C- A Crime's Romance

  • Chapter 2 (Volume 1) - ???

Great Plays, Great Lies

The year has just started but Nami has already gotten into trouble. A scam goes sour when she falls in love with the victim.Meanwhile, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper have been accepted into a top tier videogame tournament, but their opponents like to take the fighting outside the game! On campus, things don’t look so good as Franky and Brook manage to get involved in a embezzlement operation that can end their careers.

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