July 20, 2011
Yes, I know, it's been a while. Unfortunately, my desktop is unusable at the moment, so some things must wait.

I will be remodeling this site in the near future (again)

Haven C4

March 20, 2011

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February 23, 2011
No updated this week, I'm too sick
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Haven C3

February 15, 2011
 Haven chapie 3!

There's going to be a new game soon, so I'm working on that lately. Haven has a buffer so it won't be affected.

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Haven C2

February 8, 2011
 Haven Chapter 2 is up.

Man,  I have a ton of stuff to do....

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Nightmare Returns

February 5, 2011
 Nightmare Returns C1 is up.

I'm really sorry, but the NR schedule will have to be every 15 after all. I couldn't make a good buffer, and I suddenly got really busy.

In other, better news, Wolfeye Adopts is really growing. Maybe you should check it out.

Edit: LOOK, we got comments now!!
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February 1, 2011
 Haven C1 is up.

With Haven I'm doing something I haven't done since Ookami no Monogatari (does anyone remember that?)


On the previous post I said Nightmare would update on Thursdays. I meant Saturdays. Sorry.

I might still post an oneshot today.

I hope you enjoy the new series.

Edit: I posted an early Valentines day gift for you guys ;)

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January 30, 2011

The games page is launch. An adoptables site and two forum rpgs, still in beta.

Wooo, I'm all tired up...

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January 29, 2011
 Just so you know, site's no longer in beta, though there is stuff that I still will upload from the old site.


Haven's premier will be moved to Feb 1st, and update every Tuesday. Nightmare's will be Feb 5th and update every Thursday. Both stories are going surprisingly well so it's safe to update earlier. Check my blog for a sneak peak on both.

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Don't worry, I won't burn out...I think

January 27, 2011
 I say chaps, methinks it's time to turn it up to 11!
YET ANOTHER NEW STORY! This time it's a One Piece X Final Fantasy XIII crossover fic called Haven
You might be wondering "What the hell are you thinking?! You have a comic and three stories to do!"
Never fear, scheduling is here. Nightmare Returns will land Feb 10, Haven Feb 15 and Another Life Book 1 is on hold, until I finish the plot sketch, which is already done for Nightmare and Haven. GrU C2 is already written, and so is a portion of C3...
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