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Chapter 1

Once they pulled into the driveway Jonathan said “You go in I’ll park in the garage.” Eve jumped out of the pick-up with her backpack and ran inside. Once inside she threw her backpack in the living room and called out “Mom, we’re home!” Eve’s Mother, Lucy, came out of the kitchen wearing a black tank top, jeans that reached just under her knees and some tow year old worn out sneakers. “Oh, welcome back. How was your day at school, and where’s Jonathan?” said Lucy. Eve sat down on the living room couch and answered “Dad’s parking the truck in the garage.” Two minutes later Jonathan came into the house. “Hello sweetie.” Lucy said as Jonathan walked into the room. Jonathan went over to Lucy and gave her a quick kiss. Eve grabbed her backpack and walked towards the stairs “I’ll be in my room,” she said “If you need me just call.” Hours passed and it was already dark out, Eve finally went down stairs. “Where’s dad?” She asked to her mother who answered right back “He went out to get something for me.” A few moments later Jonathan pulled in the driveway. “There he is now.” Lucy said with a smile on her face. Just then, a loud bang followed by a blood curdling scream came from outside. Eve and Lucy stood in the living room motionless with terror in their faces.

Chapter 2

As she kept on walking the people on the sidewalks and the cars passing by seemed to be going in a continuous chain. About every 10 seconds the same car in a different color would pass by and the people seemed to be the same. After a while Eve felt a hand on her shoulder and looked back. To her surprise it was Mark with a weird glow around him. "You have to run they're after you!" Mark said desperately. Eve confused just stood in place and asked in a near harsh tone "What?" Mark didn't answer; he just pulled her by the arm and ran.

Chapter 3

They walked up to the elevator and went to the floor Mark and Eve were. After asking a nurse what room they were in, they walked over to it and opened the door. Inside was Elly, Mark's mom, sitting next to Mark. Both Eve and Mark were sleeping on separate beds on both sides of the room. The only sound in the room was the Heart Monitor beeping in the same rhythm. Eve's right arm was in a cast and the bullet wound had been closed, she had an IV tube coming out her left arm. Mark was operated on to fix his broken ribs leaving a scar starting from the center of his chest crossing to his left side under his bandages that covered his entire torso and wrapped around his neck. Alex walked over to Elly and put his arm around her. Lucy ran over to Eve and stood beside her bed. Lucy took Eve's hand and she woke up. "Hi mom," she said in a nervous and drowsy voice, "what's up?" Lucy nearly broke into tears but managed to hold them and said "Oh! I'm so glad you're OK. I need you to tell me everything that happened."

Chapter 4

I can tell by the look on your face this is the most surprising thing in the world to you. You might be asking yourself how I'm alive or what was the thing in Igétis Alí̱theia's hand, well, I never knew how I survived, or why my dad brought Igétis Alí̱theia to our house. My dad never told me. This was erased from my mind completely after that attack. I know what I'm saying because my dad and Igétis Alí̱theia told me. As to why he stabbed me and what the colorful thing was... I have no clue. The weirdest thing is that later I had no scar or sign that I my chest was cut open. Since I woke up after that I considered it a dream until my dad told me it wasn't and Igétis Alí̱theia explained the whole Unseen thing.

Chapter 5

“What exactly happened to you?" she asks him. He smirks “According to the doctor I 'smashed my ribs just like you'd smash a vase'." Eve's just stares in surprise. "One of the ribs was poking my lung," he continued ", and another was really close to my heart. To make a long story short; Pònos hit me incredibly hard." Eve took a while to respond then finally asked "Wow. The doctor didn't question what happened?"
"What'd you tell him?"
"The truth."
"Um...talking... I guess."
Confusion was obvious on Eve's face. "........Eh?"
Mark laughs then says "The doctor's an Unseen; and so are half of the employees here."
Eve sighs and says "I should start getting used to that."
Just then someone opened the door. Whoever it was brought a huge smile to Mark's face. He sat up quickly ignoring the pain going through his chest. "Sam!" At the door stood a girl that had long red hair, her eyes were crimson, she had a noticeable figure, she wore a purple shirt with a red jacket over it, her red skirt revealed her well toned legs. She ran over to Mark and gave him a hug. Mark was still ignoring the pain in his chest. She pushed herself away then gave him a kiss full on the lips. Eve felt jealous but she didn't know why. Mark was still smiling when she pulled back. She then says "What kind of trouble did you get into this time?" to which Mark replies "We fought Pònos." Sam looked confused and surprise "And you lived?" Mark laughs "No, this is an out of body experience." Sam laughs then asks “And who's 'we'?" Mark pointed at Eve "She's Eve." Sam turned around and looked at her as if she hadn't noticed her. Eve felt intimidated, as if Sam was gonna make her get off the bed and bow. "Oh! Hi." She said "He-" Sam checked the time on her watch and turned around to look back at Mark “Sorry Sweetie, I got some stuff to take care of." She kisses Mark lightly on the lips then walks towards the door and opens it slightly "Love you. Bye." Mark waved at her and she left. There was a moment of awkward silence until Eve finally said softly but loud enough to be heard "What... the fuck?"

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