2 New Waves

February 15, 2011
w00t, 6 new pets.

Sweetbud series
Sketchit series

The Sweetbuds series also has alternate forms, which you have a 1 in 50 chance of getting.

This might be a problem...

February 15, 2011
Depending on how many times you come here, you might've noticed the site is down sometimes. This is due to the host server not being able to handle all sites (me thinks O_O).
Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.
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Lvl 2!

February 12, 2011
 Nearly all the Stage 2s are up. I'll finish the rest tomorrow. Contest winners, remember to PM me your pet requests!
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February 10, 2011
 I just added up Valentine's pets. Due to an unexpected situation, these will remain until I upload the final stages of the base adopts ^_^;
I also changed the click guide for the Zoo series. Contest results at 11.

Edit: Another unexpected situation. The 2nd stage still isn't done but it will definitely be up tomorrow.
Edit2: The last XIII animal is revealed: Octi Sazh. The eggs will be here soon!
CONTEST: The contest is over. The winner will be notified.
ContestEdit: WAIT, I recounted and there a...
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Ngh, work -_º

February 9, 2011
Ahh, sorry, I know the second stages for OP should already be done. They will be up tomorrow late night with the valentines specials and the contest results. THE GOLD LUFFY IS SOOOOOOO SHINY!! ARE YOU EXCITED!? You still have 'till 11 PM GMT to rank up clicks!

In other news...I've been investigating these weird new creatures and I must say they're pretty sweet ;)

To compensate for not being very active lately I'm revealing two FFXIII animals! Wolf Fang and Bear Snow!! All that's left is Sazh! W...
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February 5, 2011
 Remember the contest has started, so start collecting clicks!

The valentines pets will be available from Feb 10 to Feb 15.

Also, it seems we have a whole new dimension of pets coming in...Quite mysterious, I must say. What are these things invading my computer? Well, I have to research them, so you guys will have to wait...

Another FFXIII reveal! Mouse Hope!

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Contest and Valentines Day Pets

February 3, 2011
 News, coming in hot!

Okay, so now that we have a decent news page, it's time to talk features! 


First up, our lovely LEVELING contest! Whoever gets more clicks on a single pet from Saturday, the 5th to Thursday, the 10th, will get a SPECIAL Golden Luffy Pet AND can request a pet of ANY kind!!

Second up, SPECIAL VALENTINES PETS! For Valentines Day I'm giving you White Sanjis and Pink Namis. Better than chocolate eh?
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New news page :D

February 3, 2011
 hai guys!

As you can see this news page is hosted on Yola, not MyAdopts. Yola allows HTML editing so these kinda features will require me to use the base website as a host. Hence the links on the navigation, which lead to areas of my site.
The good thing about this news page is that you can comment on stuff. And I get to have my avatar :)

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New Pets

Sorry, nothing new lately. 

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