by Erase

One Piece/Final Fantasy XIII, AU, T+, NamiXLightning, FangXVanille, Romance/Adventure/Action/Hurt/Comfort/Drama

To escape a tyranical regime, a group of rebels seek to move out of the country, but one of them is caught. Now, they must save her.

 by Erase

One Piece, AU, M, SanjiXNami, Adventure/Action

Creatures of the night against their hunters...Regular human Usopp is introduced to a brand new world. His new companions must fight the Shadow Marines or all creatures will be exterminated.

by Erase

One Piece/Pokémon, AU, T, Humor/Adventure

Luffy wants to be the very best, that no one ever was and will travel everywhere, finding new friends, both human and Pokémon.

by Erase

One Piece, AU, M, SanjiXNami, Horror

Their car broke down on a road trip. A bother but nothing serious right? Unfortunately, this little town in special in a horrifying way...

Reality Fic by Erase

One Piece, M, Humor

Welcome to Reality Fic, a reality show that is actually a fanfic!

Call Me Later by Erase

One Piece, AU, T+, SanjiXRobin/NamiXVivi, Romance/Slice of Life

Sanji starts dating Robin, but it seems he needs a little help from his ex...

The Creature from the Sky by Erase

One Piece, T, SanjiXNami, Humor/Hurt-Comfort

One day, a egg drops on the deck of the Sunny. A creature hatches from it, that quickly declares Nami and Sanji his parents. Nami isn't happy.


Oneshots by Erase

Oneshots by Pancake

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