Valentines Day

February 1, 2011

Nami grinned as she skipped over to where Robin was sitting. She had been observing the older woman for a while. The archeologist was reading. Once in a while she would sip her coffee or look around.


Robin looked up from the book and smiled.

“Do you know what day it is?”

“No. Sorry.”

She turned back to the book. Nami sighed in annoyance.

“It's February 14.”

Robin looked at her, surprised.

“If you already knew then why did you ask?”

Nami rubbed her temples in frustration. How long would she take to get a hint?!

“It's Valentines day.”
“Oh. I never liked Valentines day.”

Once again, she returned her attention to the book. Nami stood there, gawking. After a brief period of silence, Nami decide to retry.

“Well, why?”
“Why? Why what?”

“Why don't you like Valentines day?”
“I never saw the appeal of it. And I never had anyone to spend it with anyway.”
“Well, what if you had someone?”
“I don't know.”
“Maybe if you spent it with someone this year.”

“But there's no one.”

“Maybe there is.”

Nami grinned. Robin looked at her for a moment, apparently thinking.

“There isn't.” she said and returned to the book.

Nami resisted the urge to bang her head against the wall.

“Why, don't you want to try spending it with someone?”

“But...There is no one who likes me like that.”
“MAYBE there is.”

Robin looked at Nami again, who held her breath in anticipation.


Nami grinned once again.

“I really want to finish this book today.”

Nami growled.

“Robin, I know you're new to having people who actually care about you...But GODAMMIT, HOW THICK ARE YOU?!”

Robin stared perplexed at her.

“Don't you know what I'm trying to say?”
“...One of the guys likes me?”
Nami sighed.

“Better than nothing. It's not one of the guys.”

“Then wh-”

To Robin's surprise, Nami quickly bent over and kissed her. The navigator grinned widely and quickly left.

Robin stared at the door for a few seconds. A small smile appeared on her lips.

“Maybe I should start celebrating Valentines day more often.”


How Couldn't I Tell You

January 4, 2011

Nami's POV

"You know, I really loved her." I said, as the bartender poured whiskey into the glass and placed it in front of me.

"That's what a lot of people tell me. But they're usually guys."

I chuckle, glancing at the amber colored liquid. I pick up the glass and drink it in one sitting.

"Another, please."
"I don't get it." he says, as he grabs the bottle again "Like you said, it's been a long time since you last saw her. Why be depressed about it now?"
"You're a smart one Willy." I say as I pick...

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Valentines Day- T
Nami wants Robin to be her valentine...But it's hard to make the archaeologist understand it.

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A single flower for the beautiful navigator, from her cook. A special flower

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How Couldn't I Tell You-T+

Nami regrets not telling Vivi her feelings before leaving.

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Sanji comforts Nami as she misses Vivi

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Nami X Everyone-M

Sanji's dating Nami but he's left a bit confused as she confesses she's been around. A lot.

Hot Blooded-M

Neighbours aren't always friendly as Sanji and Zoro prove. However, their constant bickering annoys the other neighbour too.


Nami gets drunk and Sanji takes care of her.


Nami and Sanji are stuck in a boat in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a Sea King.


Hormones are up and bouncing in highschool. And confessing to your best friend you love her can be quite hard as Nami finds out. Vivi can't be mad, right?


Robin finds a psychology book and decides to apply her new knowledge on the poor navigator.

How the Straw Hats Ended Up Naked-T+

A crazy story of (not really) epic proportions.


Robin has a very nice chocolate bar and she won't share, no matter how much Nami begs.

The Little Things collection-E

Collection of very short stories






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